Short Rent Italy

The portal for short rentals in Italy.

Ideal for holidays in peace but also for short trips work.

About us

Short Rent Italy is a team of experts able to supply a complete service to owners and guests.

Short Rent Italy was born with the idea from Francesco Grandesso who, aftermore than 15 years of activity in the real estate sector, has decided to respond to the request of many of his customers and owners of holiday homes to create a certain rent from their property without having to waive their use for long periods.

Infact, increase of taxes, maintenance costs, in addition to a enduring economic crisis transform this possibility some times more into a necessity than a requirement.

Short rent offers therefore personalized professional advice to who does not know this investement type which is particilarly recommendable in Italy in these days.

Renting of immovable property, in short term, particolarly popular in northern Europe, is in fact growing strongly in our country showing an increase of 15% in 2013 and a trend for fast-growing.

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