The colors "roaring" of Chioggia (Venice)

We could not lose this part of the Adriatic Sea ..

The days are getting longer, the sun and almost summer temperatures invite us to move to places that already speak of holiday, today we head to Chioggia.

Chioggia is a small Venice, the symbol of the place is the lion of Venice that stands on a column in Piazza Vigo, better known as "el gato de ciòsa" which are tied many picturesque legends, including the one chosen by the locals: Chioggia submissive to the Serenissima obliged to expose the winged lion, he did realize smaller as similar to a cat's majestic feline in order to taunt the Venetian supremacy. Again with this spirit we will be able at the picturesque Diocesan Museum of Chioggia or the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Navicella see votive offerings donated by fishermen to Madonna to thank you for having been saved from the fury of the sea, these are works naive style (oil on wood or canvas) of the first '900 with performances that tell of the grace received.

A Chioggia is pleasant to walk, we can still find preserved the most popular and authentic that perhaps the nearby seaside town has lost. Calli colored houses and with the laundry hung out to dry or fishermen mending nets or prepare "the bragozzo" (typical boat chioggia) to the port for the next outing. The historical center is developed in a curious form herringbone, internal and external channels intersect with the streets lined, great business card, to underline the main activity of the place: the fishing. Find a place where you can satisfy with residents who take to the road in the "bacari" to eat some "cicheto" as is traditional Venetian will be easy. If you are staying in an apartment and you can cook up to you, go to the fish market, let groped by the freshness and variety of seafood and maybe take some advice from some recipes sellers!
If Chioggia there seemed quiet enough, indulged the idea of ​​visiting a place suspended in time even more and reach by boat to the nearby island of "Pellestrina" .This island separates the lagoon from the sea and can be completely manageable by bike.

Here if you're not interested in bathing establishments as in neighboring and lively Sottomarina, you will have at your disposal free beaches where you can spend a day or lie on the "Murazzi" (Istrian stone dams that protect the island from erosion of sea) sunbathing lulled by the sound of the waves. Before returning to Pellestrina, enjoy the spectacular sunset that goes to bed in the quiet waters of the lagoon painting them red.

In the evening, if you wish, you can enjoy a delicious spritz in Sottomarina eventful, full of bars, hotels and seafood restaurants, which will welcome you for an evening of fun playgrounds, its ballrooms and on the beaches .

On these magnificent places there would be a lot to say but still prefer to tell you about in our next excursion.

Good fun


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