Christmas and New Year, a lot of snow but not limited .....

Christmas holidays are coming and with them our surprises ..

Hello friends,
we are preparing our "guest house" to welcome in the holiday season of Christmas.

In only two years, with great effort and passion, we got to get our little goal that we can offer more than 150 properties in Veneto, Trentino, Puglia and Sardinia.

Some seem a trivial matter, but for us, it is especially important to make your moments of relaxation and entertainment as pleasant as possible, removing all those worries to meet in a non comfortable, poorly equipped or even poorly cleaned and unhygienic.

For these reasons all the facilities that we offer, come to us choices and visit personally controlled minutely check the completeness of furniture and accessories, services and accessories in their preparation to welcome you.

We are the ones to advise the owners also as regards prices, which are appropriate and adequate to the property.

I invite you to visit our website, read our blog that can advise you on what destination to choose for your Christmas holidays.

For full details, prices and promotions may not hesitate to contact us, only it makes us like a phone and is not binding.

Have you decided where to go?

For lovers of snow and skiing we have different solutions in the Dolomites, but we can also accommodate you for a romantic New Year's Event on the lake or, if sometimes slightly milder winter temperatures, Maria will find the right solution for you in the magnificent Puglia or even the Sardinia could offer a start to the year of joy and good fish, different.

Waiting for your email and considerations, see you soon.



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