Carnival 2015 in Venice the show begins

To you the task of choosing the most beautiful carnival masks of Venice, follow us on this journey full of surprises ...

Begins January 31, 2015 in the Venice carnival that will accompany us with almost fourty official events up to February 17, 2015 last day of the famous event.
As expected a full house every year from all corners of the world and, for those who have not already done so, we recommend to book quickly the latest facilities available. The main companies, including Volotea organized themselves to substantially increase the numbers of flights that will bring tourists to our beautiful city.
This year, to coincide with Expo 2015, the Carnival of Venice, the theme will be the food. To see the shows and the program, please consult the website:
The fun will begin Saturday, January 31, 2015, at the Rio di Cannaregio, with the opening night of the Carnival with shows inspired by the theme of food and dances, meetings and events that will bring to Venice, with its customs, in the glorious ancient past.
Will continue in the following days with daily parades in Piazza San Marco, which will be chosen the costumes and the most beautiful masks, theatrical performances, concerts, entertainment for children, music for dancing every night in the name of the joy and gladness . For all lovers of good food will not miss the wine tasting at banquets that will crowd of the Grand Canal and the Campi. In the early afternoon, also in the square you can watch in our music and choreography inspired by nature and poetry.
To see the most beautiful masks, it was not until Feb. 7, when in Piazza San Marco, will parade the most special and fun creations and 12 young Marie with traditional clothes representation that recall the young maidens which the Doge, according to tradition, gave her jewelry. On 8 February, do not miss the traditional "Flight of the Angel" from the Campanile at the Piazza San Marco.
On 7 and 8 February and 12 to 17 February in the evening, even lovers of disco music can go wild thanks to well-known DJs in dance and the Arsenal will be transformed into a large stage with performances, exhibitions, dance and music to go wild all the night.
The lucky ones can attend dances, and events in costume in splendid palaces on the Grand Canal that will be animated for parties, dinners and fashion shows.
In any Calle, Campo and the city will breathe an air of celebration, joy and laughter, very important issues especially in these times.
So we can not expect anything more for a feast of fun with music, costumes, shows, fireworks, dances and the best of Venetian cuisine in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Do not waste time, we are waiting.

What do you think of it? Have you been there already? Leave your comments here below!

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