Vadecum not to fall for ... How to avoid disappointment by booking a "holiday home"

How not to fall for ...

In these lines I want to give you some tips to protect yourself from scams on vacation.

It sometimes happens to some to book a holiday period in a "house", to send the requested advance payment and discover upon arrival that they were cheated, the owner was another person unaware of the facts, or even property did not exist.

The easy today to find information on pricing, location and photographs of properties for lease is a big step forward, but at the same time makes us more vulnerable to malicious hunting for an easy profit.

In addition to the material damage is added the moral to arrive at your destination, perhaps after a long journey, without the availability of and, sometimes, in periods of high tourist season that preclude alternative suits our needs.

So here are some tips to avoid falling into these scams and have bad surprises.

1) try to rely on agencies or specialized companies, maybe spend a little more, but they will give you the guarantees in most of the owners.
Short Rent Italy, for example, personally checking each unit, check that the persons signing the contract is actually the owner of the house, delivers the payment to it, after the period of use by you. In this way we ensure that all the conditions are met;
2) find facilities that accept payments by credit card or Paypall, your payment will be so difficult to track and those who want to cheat you equip for the use of these methods of payment;
3) clearly ask before booking the address of the property and if possible visit or send someone to see it. Check that the proposal is in place and the person with whom you spoke.
Very difficult in the case of fraud, of course, you will be allowed a visit;
4) do as much as possible questions on a business in the immediate vicinity (maybe a restaurant around the corner) the owner or the person in charge generally know the reality surrounding the house, the imposter probably maybe not.
5) Ask and you claim the address of the person to whom you will have to make a transfer, is your right and if there was denied, careful deception might be lurking;
6) the free sites are the most dangerous, because information are not controlled and hardly evil intent will pay to place a fake ad. The pay sites often occur credentials readers, free ones ever.
Do not mean that there will definitely be a scam, but ask the owner if he added to other portals or if it was an agency if there is a home site;
7) If you see more properties with the same name of the owner or phone number, make sure it is a mediator, a private rarely runs itself more properties it owns.

I understand that treating such an argument might have bored, I still hope that you were able to read to the last line, because we believe in what we do and we do not want our work to be frustrated by certain individuals.

Happy holidays.

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