Today we are going to Caorle (Venice)

To discover the history and the beauty of this ancient town, the pearl of the Adriatic. Follow in this fantasy world ...

country affects us pleasantly by his little old town with little houses in a variety of colors, with its Calli, its campielli and the pretty harbor full of old and new fishing boats but also of many yacht resting cradled by the waves.
It seems that time has stopped in this small town, ideal base for those wishing to spend a quiet time in a more family atmosphere, full of history, charm and culture close to Venice.
It is located on the Adriatic Sea, about 70 km from Venice and 60 km from Treviso, in the car or bus. Using a boat you can also visit the lagoon of Caorle and get to Venice. The town is very small and sparsely populated with about 12,000 inhabitants who speak a dialect very similar to the Venetian with an accent a little less pronounced, and several "u" in the words terminar.
Its origins date back to the first century BC and the history of the strongly bound to the Venetian Republic, which shared the vicissitudes, as being part Dogado.
In July, artists from all over the world, they find themselves in Caorle to carve and decorate the famous "living reef", which follows the waterfront, a work of majestic harmony between man and nature. Sure to visit the Byzantine Cathedral of St. Stephen, full of beautiful and important paintings and works of art.
In the center there are several cafes, manicured, stop for a drink or a bite to eat excellent fish. Everything around seems designed to give peace, nature and relaxation.
The sea is always clean and blue flag, its long sandy Levante, Ponente, Porto Santa Margherita and Duna Verde are deep, with fine sand and several piers that plunge into the quiet Adriatic.
For lovers of flora and fauna, should visit the Laguna del Mort that develops from Eraclea Mare, recognized in 2003 by Legambiente as one of the 11 most beautiful beaches in Italy and Site of Community Interest.
Caorle is also a special place for families, away from the busy nightlife, with many walks and amateur cycling.
Now transformed into private restaurants you can still organize, reservation, picnics to visit the "Casoni", the oldest and poorest typical buildings once used as shelters used by fishermen and hunters of the lagoons of Venice, Caorle and Marano.
There are a lot of good restaurants where you can eat great seafood.
For wine lovers will also find plenty of excellent local wineries Doc Lison-Pramaggiore.
A short distance from Caorle, also recommend that you visit the countries of Portogruaro and Concordia Sagittaria, small places of great history and culture.
In short, this is the perfect place to enjoy nature, to enjoy old traditions still live in an environment that has been able to exploit them in time!   What are you waiting, prepare your bags.

How to get there:
Nearest Airport: Venice Marco Polo Tessera about 55 km SP 54
A4 from Milan-Udine-Trieste exit San Stino Livenza
Train: Train station Portogruaro from Venice-Trieste approx 27 Km...

What do you think of it? Have you been there already? Leave your comments here below!

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