The conventions of which will benefit our guests

Discounts for all guests of the structures in Puglia

Our mission is to make the stay in our houses, so we have an agreement for the discovery of Puglia that will benefit our guests.
All our customers who want to visit the area with the "Egnatia Ctg monopolies - Licensed guides" enjoy a discount of 10% on guided tours to the discovery of Puglia. Tours also in English, French and Russian.
For the more daring, those who want to experience the sea in another way, the "Diving Center - South Sea" of Maruggio organizes for you: Scuba Diving SSI (Scuba Schools International) with the release of international patents, from the first level;
Will guide you in diving day and night, and full day mini cruises.
Accompanied by dive guides of the "South Sea -Diving Center" you can touch a piece of ancient history:
On the seabed of San Pietro in Bevagna 22 sarcophagi lie in white marble dating back to 150-300 DC
A tower Chianca, the five granite columns;
A Torre Ovo, the limestone forest that dates back two million years ago.
Other spectacular diving in San Pietro in Bevagna are those of the river Chidro oasis of rare beauty, the cave Mirante, easy, secure rich in flora and fauna, to dry the Egg, the Secca dell'Anfora and the Escarpment of Lobsters.
All guests of our facilities in Apulia who want to be guided by the Maglie Carmelo "South Sea - Diving Center" will enjoy a discount of 20% off the list price of the assets.
We also thought of those who want to just stay on the beach in one of the most beautiful places of Salento, entering into an agreement with the bathing establishment - Elisir Beach Campomarino of Maruggio, where our guests will benefit from a 15% discount on beach umbrellas and sun beds.

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