Holiday home with the dog or cat

Do you want to go on holiday but do not know where to leave your puppy? Short Rent Italy to thinking about you ...

Short Rent Italy want us to deal with a growing problem and felt by tourists, on the hospitality of our four-legged friends in the holiday homes.

Short Rent Italy is very sensitive to this problem and we believe that our animal friends are now an integral part of our families and, as such, why not take them on holiday with us?

Of course sometimes this is not possible because of the distance or the means of transport required to reach the destination, long car trips, flights by plane or train, maybe 40 degrees, are not pleasant for our furry companions, for them too heavy to bear.

Another problem, however, is often represented by property owners who fear damage, breakage and dirt that could cause or allow the animals to their structures.

Generally the animals that accompany us on holiday, are not puppies that gnaw or scratch everything and dirty everywhere, but adult animals (dogs and cats) become educated to stay at home.

Laws and regulations have, in our opinion rightly prohibited prohibition to keep pets in apartments in condominiums.

Short Rent Italy raises awareness against the owners in order to allow their guests to not have to give up a holiday or in the presence of your pet on vacation.

Of course we can not force anyone to house them but we are happy to have ended up with more than 80% of owners who allow the presence of our animal friends, and we do not stop, we want to improve.

We invite the owners of buildings that still show some resistance, to review their opinion imagining how tourists accompanied by their pet will feel more at ease, at home, taking advantage for this structure more closely.

Besides, dear travelers do not worry, the additional cost, for extra cleaning in case of dogs and cats if they bear Short Rent Italy.

For us the greatest satisfaction is also organize a wonderful holiday together with trust and meow!

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