Does anyone think to find only green fields and spas but some surprises ..

Does anyone think to find only green fields and spas but some surprises ..

The Euganean Hills, very well known for its spa resorts, where healing waters attract thousands of visitors every year.
Instead, we want to invite you to join us on a short hike to learn about other realities, able to involve nature, history and architecture, ideal for a quiet holiday of simple relaxation and health but also suitable for adventurous or lovers of walks, horse-riding or mountain biking, food and wine with local products ranging from honey to wine, art and culture, in short, some surprises and there's a whole world to discover.
Dive right together in the beauty of the natural park that we can easily find our way along a short distance from each other.
Starting from Padua towards the hills, we find the Benedictine Abbey of Praglia where, within the walls, the monks from the early 1900s spend their days between the farm work, the restoration of the ancient books, prayer and production typical products and never deny a word to tourists to show their world and tell their life, an experience to try at least once in their lifetime.
Inside we can buy a typical and tasty souvenirs in memory of our holiday Venetian or as a welcome gift for our family.

We start towards Teolo, which are not far away. A small country century where, according to legend, was the birthplace Titp Livio, consisting of a few houses, where you can visit the sixteenth-century palace of the Vicars, which hosts a permanent exhibition of works by painters and sculptors of the nineteenth until today. After a long, steep climb, along the way we can stop for refreshments at Baita Fiorine, perhaps with a nice plate of stuffed torresani, on top of Mount Madonna.
With its 526 meters above sea level, Mount Madonna is known mainly for the Marian shrine which is built on top. Once a destination for pilgrims is
Today the ideal starting point for short and light walks through woods and trails that will take you to unspoilt nature and charming,
full of colors, scents and tranquility, without being particularly hard and with gentle slopes.
For those who love to try their hand at climbing a short distance, in the village of Castelnuovo, we find a gym equipped with rock climbing routes numbered
according to difficulty.
A short distance away, in the direction Torreglia Alta, we allow ourselves a nice visit to the hermitage of Monte Rua, inhabited by cloistered monks and therefore open
exclusively by males but do not worry, soon will return again with you. In the meantime you can enjoy the silence and the magical atmosphere that is created in the dense forest below.
It was evening, we do not want to tire too, tomorrow we face the imposing walls of the castle Carrara in the beautiful town of Este, the beautiful village of Arquà Petrarca with the house of the poet and the quiet Monselice with its walls.

We have just enough time to enjoy a few hours in one of the numerous swimming pools with the famous healing waters of Abano Terme in whirlpools,
saunas and steam room, just what we want to whet the appetite awaiting deserved and tasty dinner in a typical Venetian restaurant.

See you next trip ..

Main distances: Teolo

27 km from Padua
67 Km from Venice
14 Km from Abano Terme
38 Km from Vicenza
17 Km from Este

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