Book holidays with internet, choose a vacation home in Italy, make no mistake.

Ready to book your holiday? Attention to some sites, a danger can hide

Yes, it increases the demand for book vacation rentals in our splendid country, Italy.
A rapidly growing market and, as with any market, big business are born every day like mushrooms in August, the company, holding, networks and portals worldwide offering apartments, villas, b & b distributed around the boot.
Not a day passes without newspapers, television and Internet is advertised a new booking portal of holiday homes, the question I ask you: but they have never seen a holiday home?
Would you buy a computer from a butcher ??

This is our world, we know it well, we work every day.

Obviously my first concern was to try to learn about this industry, operators and understand how it works, what to imitate and what to change.

Having said that, dear friends, as I begin to surf the net, I find myself to smile, imagining a Brazilian and book an apartment in Lecce through a site French, Dutch or even: born in the US or a Filipino who book an apartment on Lake Garda through a portal, Danish and even an Australian who visit Florence will appeal to a Russian portal and maybe even asks him what to visit.

Are you thinking that I have fun with little, that is the power of globalization, the Internet, best known is the site more secure the booking!

Maybe, but it left me very puzzled, so I tried to contact by phone one of the largest portals of holiday.
After 48 minutes of browsing, I tracked down a phone number, obviously with voice and various choices: if you own a click 1, if you have made a reservation click 2, if he wants to enter his property together with our, click 3, otherwise remains waiting .....
In 20 minutes if you're lucky you hear a recorded call that with my question if the apartment "Felice Marietto" has parking replies that it is not he who enters the building but the owner and if they forgot to write it means It is not there.

He advises me to turn to the owner via e-mail (phone numbers are highly secret) to put this question.

Now I am assuming that the lady in the call center does not even know where he is or Canazei Olbia, solely responsible for the information entered in these private portals is the same that the public and is also the only one who should respond to you of any damage may you have!
The only thing I try to make sure is that the house exists and those who propose to have a phone and an email.

Therefore, dear friends, and future customers, dispel the assumption that to book with confidence, seek to "Largest booking sites", we at Short Rent Italy we have an email and a direct number, we know all our properties and also personally their owners and to your question: "Francesco is a good business?" ready because the answer will always be the truth, we have solutions prestigious, very beautiful, nice and also cheap in Italy, but all with the right quality / price and fully equipped for the holidays.

Remember, you can book your holidays with pay PAYPAL.

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