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Short Rent Italy was created to meet a need. Discover which

Short Rent Italy is the brainchild of Francesco Grandesso that after more than 15 years of experience in real estate has decided to respond to the request of many customers second-home owners to create a safe income from their property without having to give up their use for long periods.

In fact, the increase in taxation, maintenance costs, as well as a continuing economic crisis makes this option a necessity sometimes rather than a requirement.

Offers for this reason personalized advice to those new to this form of investment nowadays especially advisable in Italy.

The rent of properties in the short term, particularly common in northern Europe, is in fact growing strongly in our country in 2013, which marks an increase of 15% and a growing trend.

Create your income so very high and at the same time you will be an induced tourism important to let the world know our beautiful country!

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