"Arte Sella" a place where nature, culture and art intertwine and blend together

Artists from around the world have worked hard to create works of art using only what the beautiful nature has made available to them, let's go and find out how they did it ...

"Arte Sella" a creative and enjoyable in which, walking quietly in a light path in the woods of the Val di Sella, you can admire the works that some 300 artists have created for us, over the past 20 years, using logs, branches, stones, ropes all in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Arte Sella is located in Trentino Alto Adige in Borgo Valsugana, about 35 km from Trento and 100 from Padua, in the heart of the Val di Sella and consists of two routes. The first part from Malga Costa and is about 1 km long (45 minute walk), completely free, is a walk along an easy path. The second path, full of works, called Art Nature, has a length of about 3 km (2 hours), for a fee (6 euro per person Children under 10 are free), and in it you can also admire the famous Cathedral to Plant just 10 minutes' walk. Certainly interesting to visit and in the center of Borgo Valsugana the permanent exhibition center Livio Rossi meeting place and culture in the world of art, music, performing arts and photography thanks to the numerous meetings organized.

The mountains of Trentino Alto Adige are gifts of nature with these initiatives and also the man proves to be able to make them even more enjoyable and interesting

For more information: http://www.artesella.it/

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